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The sun is shining, you’re planning day trips to the beach and the biggest problem you face is scouring your wardrobe for something that is cool enough, yet not entirely inappropriate to wear for work (yes you, put down the kaftan you bought in the airport last year).

One of our favourite things about this season is the hair (quelle surprise!); it’s textured, sun streaked and more-often-than-not, adorned with flowers. Unfortunately, what did look festival chic on the beach looks more festival freak in the office. Our Scene stylists have identified some of the common problems encountered during the summer months and shared their tips on how to combat them.

The problem

Colour fade

Why it happens

It’s no secret that the sun bleaches hair, unfortunately, the subtle lights we hope for aren’t always a reality. The heat from the sun degrades the protein in hair which oxidises the colour, giving your hair a brassy hue.

The solution

Spray hair with a leave-in conditioner or beach spray for protection at the start of your day and top up as you do your sun cream. Wash hair with colour saving products; we recommend Wella SP Colour Save shampoo (£13.50) and conditioner (£16.00) that will ensure long-lasting vibrancy.

The problem

Frizzy hair

Why it happens

Humidity comes from excess moisture in the air. Rough hair cuticles can enable water absorption in the hair shaft, causing your hair to swell. Rough cuticles can be caused by minimal hair damage, so this is likely to be a problem experienced by most.

The solution

Tame frizzy hair by avoiding the use of heated styling tools, which will reduce damage to cuticles. Scene recommends using Moroccan Hair Oil which is fantastic for frizzy hair and increases manageability with continued use. Available in two sizes: large, 100ml - £30.45, small, 25ml - £12.85 and also available in a light formula for fine and fair hair. Dropping into us for a quick visit is worth it for trimming those pesky split-ends which enhance the haystack look.

The problem

Discoloured or green-tinged hair

Why it happens

Chlorine from swimming pools builds up on hair; this occurs on all colours, but is more noticeable on lighter hues.

The solution

Before taking a dip in the pool, take a quick shower to wet hair. This will reduce the amount of chlorinated water your tresses are able to absorb. Rinsing hair thoroughly after swimming and washing hair within a few hours can also help prevent build up. Scene recommends using Wella SP After Sun shampoo and conditioner, which is great for helping to combat the effects of chlorine build-up and general care of summer hair.

The problem

Dry hair

Why it happens

This tends to be a combination of all the above such as the heat, humidity and swimming in the sea and / or a pool. Oh the strains of being on holiday!

The solution

Take care of your hair! Use a deep conditioning treatment regularly and spray hair with leave-in conditioner before going out in the sun. Again, using products such as the Wella SP After Sun shampoo and conditioner and Moroccan Hair Oil will really give your tresses the TLC they need.

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Scientists say a cure for grey hair is coming. The media has been buzzing about it for weeks; no doubt you have heard about it and the whispers that this would be the end of colouring hair.Well we’ve heard it; we’ve talked about it and now we've come to our own conclusions.

First of all, a ‘cure’ suggests an illness, which grey hair is most definitely not; what scientists may be able to do is reverse the effect. Secondly, this reversal is not absolute, scientists believe they have gotten to the ‘root’ of the problem (don’t deny it, we all enjoy a good pun!) and this could certainly lead to learning how to combat it, but don’t write off the need for hair-colourists just yet.

The Facts

It has been found that grey hair is caused by the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, which causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out. The FASEB Journal has recently reported that this can be reversed via a proprietary treatment. However this has only been tested on patients with the skin condition vitiligo, which causes a loss of pigmentation; where it was found to be successful in restoring pigmentation to the skin and eyelashes.

So what do we think?

As positive as this appears, this has not yet been tested on a full head of grey hair or even someone without vitiligo; nor is there any indication that this could be a preventative measure. We must also ask the question, who would want to get rid of grey hair? No doubt there are some people that would, but can you imagine the likes of George Clooney without it? Even young female celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Perrie Edwards have deliberately dyed their hair grey and looked amazing with it!

Certainly this is exciting news, we don’t deny it; but nor do we deny that some people look too darn fabulous WITH grey hair and we won’t thank anyone for causing the distinction of the Silver Fox.