Take a peek at yourself in the mirror. Chances are your style is pretty much the same as it was five or 10 years ago.

Veronica Slatter at Scene style

You’re probably wearing your hair in the same style and colour and the way you dress hasn’t changed much either. Perhaps it’s time for a reinvention. After all, if celebrities can do it, why can’t we?

Well now you can, thanks to a new service just launched by a hair salon in Cheltenham that offers to reveal a new you. Scene - The Salon has created Scene Style, a service that take an in-depth look at the personality, lifestyle and style of clients to help them achieve the best hairstyle and overall look for them.

Headed by co-owner Veronica Slatter, the new service has only just been launched but greeted with enthusiasm by clients. “People don’t just want their hair to look nice but to feel good about everything in terms of style,” she said.

A hair stylist for 26 years, Veronica went on a personal style course to help her give clients the best possible service and is now ready to apply her new-found knowledge.

Scene style

Based alongside the usual services at the Charlton Kings salon, Scene Style is a 45-minute consultation which uses mood boards and colour swatches to help identify complementary hair styles and colours. “From the first impression you make to the way you feel about yourself, your personal style is an integral part of who you, unlocking this style is the key to feeling good, confident and happy with your appearance,” said Veronica.

“Scene Style is about men and women re-discovering who they are and being who they want to be. “So many people just don't know where to start and often hide behind the same old haircut or comfort clothes which results in their look not reflecting who they really are.”

Customers can either have the style consultation on its own or teamed with an appointment to incorporate it into their new look. “We encourage clients to bring in a bag of their clothes to show which ones they like and wear a lot and which ones languish at the back of their wardrobes,” said Veronica.

“They will leave the salon with a personalised Scene Style guide in hand, feeling and looking more themselves than they have in years. “As well as being incredibly useful to make the most of your own style, it’s also a lot of fun to do.”